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Two-Wheeler Color Trends

Pigments & Effects Drive Future Two-Wheeler Colors

Drive new two-wheeler stylings with pigments that help you achieve bold and matte finishes!

With our Two-Wheeler Color Presentation, we outline trends and colors for two-wheeler coating formulations that will be developed in 2022-2025. Featuring our recent product innovations, the program highlights chromatic and matte mono-coat shades.

It includes 55 stylings, mainly based on a mono-coat system, though four stylings use a tinted clear coat system and seven stylings are painted with a multi-layer coating.

Download the full presentation & formulas

Explore the full trends presentation & formulas for the 55 stylings

Our Stylings for Trend Colors

All colors of the rainbow are trending both online and offline, including achromatic colors, highly chromatic colors as well as pastels and velvets. With four chapters – New Classics, New Chromas, New Solids and New Velvets, we present brand new stylings created with our innovative pigments.

Discover the Pigments Behind the Stylings with PigmentViewer App

LR Blue Russet v7

Featuring Lumina® Royal Aqua Blue 

Explore PigmentViewer App to discover the pigments and effects that create the two-wheeler stylings.

Through a digital lens, you can experience effect and color pigments in a realistic format from various angles just as a physical sample under a shining light source.

Behind the Scenes: How we produced our Two-Wheeler Color Trends

hennan foto quadratisch v3

Our goal is to inspire your color creations! Let us help you discover the innovative pigments and effects that make your stylings sparkle.

Contact Henan Li to schedule a Two-Wheeler Color Presentation in your local language.

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