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eXpand!® stir-in pigments offer unprecedented color depth and enable enhanced sparkle, flop and gloss.

Fully compatible with modern automotive coating systems, these advanced pigments combine high transparency with a high tinting strength for unique, intense shades with lower scattering.

Additionally, the small particle size and distribution makes the pigment easily dispersible, reducing the time and cost involved in the production process as opposed to conventional milling methods.

The stir-in slurry boosts your productivity thanks to easy dispersibility while enhancing color depth, flop and sparkle.

The stir-in slurry increases the intensity of your coatings while experiencing easy and efficient processing.

The powder pigment enables the intense eXpand!® shades in various coating systems.

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Revolutionary Collaboration

CEO of eXpand!® Paul Verhoeven and Technical Director Javier Morcillo-Ruiz are our eXpand!® experts at BASF Colors & Effects. They are using the technology to create this novel pigment series for automotive coatings.

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