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Improving LiDAR signal response from dark colors
LiDAR's detection challenge for dark colored objects

Carbon black strongly absorbs near-infrared (NIR) light detection and ranging (LiDAR) signals used by autonomous vehicles for navigation. Low LiDAR signal return erodes object detection capability particularly for dark colored objects with carbon black. Automotive coating formulations using NIR transparent or reflective functional pigments deliver superior signal response thereby improving object detection.

New Spectrasense Black EH 8082

New functional black pigment with improved neutral coloristics and low color travel in solid and effect shades. A breakthrough in hue control for white and metallic reductions benefits designers and technologists alike by providing design freedom while not compromising on technical benefits. 

With low NIR absorption, SpectrasenseTM Black EH 8082 enables the creation of neutral gray and dark shades in solar heat management and LiDAR applications. 

Physics of autonomous sensing

Our experts can help you optimize coating response to visual, near-infrared, ultrasonic and radio electromagnetic radiation. By designing the coating stack with the right pigments, we can significantly improve autonomous vehicle signal response.

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Achieve LiDAR-functional colors

In our recent case study, existing saturated red, dark blue and metallic gray production colors are reformulated with functional blacks to dramatically increase LiDAR reflectance and detectability. Contact us to obtain a copy.

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Functional black pigments

Dark and black shades with good LiDAR response are possible using functional black pigments.

Functional styling inspiration

Our Global Color Presentation, "Pigments and Effects Driving Future Automotive Trends," features a range of autonomous functional stylings to inspire your future vehicle or infrastructure color designs. Make your next color styling as innovative as these next generation vehicles. 

Contact us for more information about creating attractive shades with functional pigments!

Global Color Presentation Key Visual
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