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Sustainable processes for cosmetics pigments

Learn more about SunPURO® iron oxides

Pigment Preparations

Providing sustainable environmental, social and economic advantages

Highest purity for sensitive applications

Contribute to consumer health and safety in food contact materials and toys with pigments

Sustainable Pigment Solutions

Not a passing fad, sustainability is here to stay. 

We understand the constant balancing act of designing an on-trend product that meets sustainability goals.

The Sun Chemical sustainability framework is founded on three key pillars: products & services, collaborations, and operations. Our sustainable pigment solutions are a part of products and services.

GEN GEN sustainability community gardening LoRes

We prove Conscious is Colorful ... providing solutions that mitigate climate change and help in resource conservation

Find endless color solutions to support our sustainable future:

Conscious is colorful

...through sustainable use of natural resources

Discover our efficiently produced colorful products:


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