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Solar heat management pigments

Less heat for more design

Our solutions for solar heat management empower new design possibilities. While dark surfaces with standard black pigments intensively absorb solar energy and convert it to heat, our functional black pigments can be used to formulate systems that reflect sun radiation.

Coatings, plastics or printing applications colored with SpectrasenseTM Black and Sicopal® Black functional pigments keep even the darkest surfaces cool.

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Building and construction
  • Allows flexibility in color and design as well as reduces thermal load
  • Enhances comfort while reducing energy costs
  • Increases mechanical stability and lifetime of applications exposed to sunlight
Automotive applications
  • Keeps surfaces cooler, requiring less air conditioning 
  • Reduces CO2-emissions and energy costs, while enhancing comfort
  • Maintains durability even after prolonged exposure to solar irradiation
Laser welding

Laser transmission welding is the preferred method of joining plastic parts whenever methods like ultrasonics or vibration create scratches or dust. Additionally, it can be used when thermal or chemical methods can influence electronic or medical parts. We offer more flexibility and productivity in high-end welding fields with our functional solutions. 

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The cool and smart black NIR-transparent preparation for PVC combines color with functionality. It's utmost dispersion level leads to attractive appearance and high transparency. Add it to your heat management toolbox for building and construction and automotive applications 

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