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Home and Personal Care

Color Makes the Difference

Sun Chemical’s newest addition to the product portfolio includes a wide range of dynamic colors for all home and personal care applications.

Use vibrant and distinctive color to push your product to the next level. Our colors help to create brand recognition, enhance shelf attraction, establish a clear product differentiation and will elevate the consumer experience.

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Colorants for Home and Personal Care – Portfolio at a Glance

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The Puricolor® FDA family contains of FD&C approved pigments and dyes for personal care and oral care applications.

The Puricolor® range consists of pigments, dyes and pigment preparations for personal care applications.

The Iragon® product family serve the Home Care market with pigments, dyes and pigment preparations. . All Home Care colorants are compliant with the EU Detergent Directive. 

The Pigmosol® range of products are an easy-to-use solid pigment preparation for Home Care applications . All Home Care colorants are compliant with the EU Detergent Directive.

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