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Sun Chemical offers the widest range of pigments, pigment dispersions and dyes on the market for all types of print applications. Whether your print system is solvent-based, water-based, or energy cure, we have a solution for you.

We offer classical pigments, high performance pigments (HPP), stir-in dispersions, effect pigments, metallic pigments and dyes. No matter the visual effect you want to achieve, we can guide you through our comprehensive range to locate the most appropriate solutions for your specific needs. 

Our dedicated sensitive applications portfolio fulfills the latest regulatory requirements backed by regularly updated food contact statements (FCS).

We are continually monitoring raw materials used to manufacture our products. With expertise in pigment manufacturing and product toxicology, we support and facilitate our customers' compliance along the value chain. Learn more about our high purity pigments for sensitive applications.

Explore Pigment Finder for our pigments for sensitive applications.

Stunning Metal Effects

We offer a variety of metallic pigments which increase the visual appeal of any application.

Vacuum metallized pigments create full mirror effects. Compal and Maxal silver dollar & thin silver dollar metallics create impactful effects and many grades can be stirred into aqueous or solvent systems.

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We offer a wide range of pigment dispersions for water based, solvent and energy cure ink systems which can easily be stirred into ink systems to create a range of coloristic effects.

Flexiverse liquid aqueous dispersions, Microlith solid dispersions in a variety of carriers.  

As brand owners take responsibility for the complete life cycle of their products, industrial composting is becoming a sought-after sustainable solution. Our recommended pigment selection for compostable printing is based on the evaluation of the pigment composition according to the requirements of EN 13432. Discover our pigments for compostable packaging on Pigment Finder.

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